About the game

Fjord battle racing is a 2-4 player game for pc. Beat your opponents in any way possible racing towards the next checkpoint. You can use a tiltable cannon, bombs or nitro boost to score points and win the game. Don’t fall in the water!

Default keyboard controls

Keyboard is available for two players. You can try to map up player 3 & 4 in the setup menu, but it increases your chance of keys blocking each other.

Player 1 Player 2
Accelerate: ‘W’ Accelerate: Arrow up
Brake/reverse: ‘S’ Brake/reverse: Arrow down
Steer left: ‘A’ Sterer left: Arrow left
Steer left: ‘D’ Sterer left: Arrow right
Fire powerup: Left shift Fire powerup: Right shift
Toggle powerup: ‘Z’ Toggle powerup: ‘-‘
Id / Realign(hold): ‘X’ Id / Realign(hold): ‘.’


Gamepad support

Up to 4 players can compete with xbox compatible usb gamepads. If you have only 2 gamepads and want to play 4 player with keyboard + gamepads you can try to set key bindings for player 3 & 4 on startup. I have not tested this but it should work

Available on steam